The Hungry Bum


A Pescatarian’s Cheat Meal

When you’re trying your best to stay healthy pescatarian but there’s a strong craving for something crunchy and oily that can no longer be denied, you opt to choose the option of what you call the lesser evil (although it’s still evil) for the sake of your on the rocks relationship with your diet.  Fish and chips will always be a less guilt treat slash cheat meal for me as its crunch, crisp and oil that you can ...

London Sightings

Historic, vintage and expensive. If you are fascinated with royalty, fancy architecture and eargasmic accent, then London will surely be one of the beautiful places you would love to visit.

Call it Healthy, I’m just lazy

Oohh that looks good but aren’t you getting tired of eating the same thing every day? That’s the most FAQ in our breakroom at work.  I’m not on a diet, this is just the fastest and easiest meal I can prepare before I go to sleep at night. 5mins. prep time and I’m done. The healthiness about this meal is just the perk of it.  If there’s something on a diet with me, it’s my wallet. This meal saves ...

A dose of bitterness

Everyone needs a dose a bitterness in life; whether a drink to wake you up or an emotion to wake you up in the real world where monsters not only exist in dreams. Coffee from Hidden House Coffee – San Juan Capistrano, California  

Let it dawn on you

Problem with instant positivity is it cut short a process. When we try to instantly mask off unwanted emotions that we deem unhealthy, we prohibit ourselves to go through different phases that (we think) will eat the majority of our time, energy and emotion. It’s okay not be okay. Let feelings of frustration, sadness or inadequacy dawn on you. Go through a process called healing. You don’t get a wound and expect it to ...

Hungry for Adventure

There is longing; an intense urge to wander, go on a journey and may be get lost. In a foreign land where my everyday life becomes somehow monotonous, I yearn for travel. I miss going to places I’ve never been to. Fernweh… it is.  I fantasize leaving but I do not aim for an escape. There’s a part of me that will always love visiting different places, meeting new people, being one with nature, rover with people I love ...