A Pescatarian’s Cheat Meal

When you’re trying your best to stay healthy pescatarian but there’s a strong craving for something crunchy and oily that can no longer be denied, you opt to choose the option of what you call the lesser evil (although it’s still evil) for the sake of your on the rocks relationship with your diet. 

Fish and chips will always be a less guilt treat slash cheat meal for me as its crunch, crisp and oil that you can  savor in every bite is something very emancipating; it’s like you are freeing yourself from your self deprivation to all things bad but just taste so good.  It’s rebelling from the gastronomic law that uou have set since the day you said you wanna get leaner. 

And then you realized fried food although it’s greasy feels dry, so you might need a soup. Then there you saw a house special New England Clam Chowder soup, topped with crunchy bacon. Hot, flavorful and perhaps one the best chowder I have had in my entire voracious life. So good that it’s far from the canned soups you can buy anywhere and very far from some of the fastfood chain resto is offering that tastes like canned soup mixed with some origina coffee mate brand creamer.I want to become one of the best food bloggers but I am hesitant because I always ran out of adjectives or I’ll just repeat the words delicious, savory or flavorful in a whole blogpost. I can only say that I did not find anything special about this fish and chips as it is a typical one. The batter is not that astounding that will make you feel that it’s worth the cheat (considering the oil that’s still in it). Fish is okay, of course we all know it is not a fresh hatch, it’s okay and whats good about it is that it’s not overseasoned. 

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