thehungrybum.com is a Food+Travel+LifeStyle blog of Poi; a Filipino immigrant currently in Southern California, starting to embrace the American life where most people fear of famish. 

Currently working in a corporate setting of the healthcare industry, effortlessly tend to break the monotony of the typical 8-5pm life of every company’s minion, trying to make ends meet and at least have something in between. 

Poi has been blogging since 2010 via defunct boytoypoi.com & chiefexecutivebum.com, both former blogs are now inactive due to transitional phases of his both personal and professional life (although no one really knows those two blog exist). Blogging has been a platform for Poi to showcase his attempt to become one of the astounding millenial writers of his generation, although he finished BS in Nursing, he has been always endowed to put his thoughts into writing and sharing it, as he always taught that his mental possessions need to be shared. 

Fast forward to 2015, Poi migrated in California, hence the long hiatus of his blogging life. Now, fully adjusted and well adapted, he is now trying to get back to writing – just because he wants to. 

The Hungry Bum’ssole purpose is to become a platform of Poi’s love for food, travel and life. There are so much to experience; every distinct taste, unforgettable journey and remarkable milestone in life are worth to share with the world. 

The Hungry Bum is not tolerant to body shamer, skeptical trolls, bullies and bigots. Everyone is welcome to visit, but not everyone is allowed to come in with their dirty shoes.