Hungry for Adventure

There is longing; an intense urge to wander, go on a journey and may be get lost. In a foreign land where my everyday life becomes somehow monotonous, I yearn for travel. I miss going to places I’ve never been to. Fernweh… it is. 

I fantasize leaving but I do not aim for an escape. There’s a part of me that will always love visiting different places, meeting new people, being one with nature, rover with people I love or maybe alone  and enjoy solitude, embracing silence, discover new things about the world … and about myself.

Welcome to my new blog. A hungry blog that shall be my outlet to my every hunger. I’m a bit hesitant to start this and bade goodbye to my old blog, but there are times when something needs a hard reset. So bear with me as I become inconsistently consistent, my life may be boring as of the moment, but it doesn’t mean I always have leisure time. 🙂

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