Let it dawn on you

Problem with instant positivity is it cut short a process. When we try to instantly mask off unwanted emotions that we deem unhealthy, we prohibit ourselves to go through different phases that (we think) will eat the majority of our time, energy and emotion. It’s okay not be okay. Let feelings of frustration, sadness or inadequacy dawn on you. Go through a process called healing. You don’t get a wound and expect it to heal just because you think it happens for a reason or it’s worth it, the pain will still be there… it won’t go away; you just get used to it until you perceive it as something that is not pain anymore. 

What’s not okay is you don’t want to be okay. Because you are obsessed of denial, making everyone feel that nothing is wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong in feeling that there is something wrong. Because if you insist it’s right then you won’t be able to push yourself how to make something right. 

There may be people who gets annoyed when you talk about your current struggle in life, but always remember that there are people who knows how to just listen and believe me even if they don’t say a word, it will make you feel emotionally lighter, somehow relieved and better.  

Although sometimes… or most of the time, if you are that person who knows how to listen, it’s another struggle on how to make them listen. Do not fret, you only need to tell them… “I need you to just listen to me”. Most of the time, they are just waiting for you to need them, because you are always acting to be the tough one. It’s okay to need those who frequently needs you. Everybody needs somebody. 

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